Common People Awarded

March 3rd, 2013

Common People has been honoured with the Independent Spirit Award in the Director's Choice section at the Sedona International Film Festival. It was our first festival, so for this little British Indie to be awarded alongside "Any Day Now" with Alan Cummings (Best Drama) and Josh Radner's, "Liberal Arts" (Best Comedy) feels like a wonderful endorsement of the quality of the film. Audience feedback at the Q&A's was overwhelmingly warm. They were also asked to rate each film from 1 to 5 (Best) as they left the cinema. Sedona's Artistic Director wrote to say that the average score from our two sold-out screenings there was 4.42 out of 5, one of the top scores at the fest. Even so, we were caught completely by surprise when our names were called out at the awards ceremony as you can see from the footage on youtube at: